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Cedar Valley Tech Works

The Cedar Valley TechWorks is a 30-acre advanced manufacturing and biotechnology research, development and education center, and business and manufacturing cluster. The campus is located in downtown Waterloo, Iowa adjacent to the John Deere drive train advanced manufacturing operations. The campus includes two historic former Deere manufacturing buildings; Tech I and Tech II. The Tech I building includes industrial manufacturing space, tech shop or ‘tinkers’ space, and incubator. It is also the location of the University of Northern Iowa's Metal Casting Center which features the ExOne 3D printer, the largest of its kind in North America. Tech II, also known as the Green@TechWorks, will include:  the John Deere Regional Training Center, an internationally recognized business class hotel, fine dining establishment, Hawkeye Community College class rooms, office and conference space. The Green is designed to LEED standards and will utilize a mix of renewable energy systems. Land parcels are also available for development. The John Deere Waterloo & Tractor Museum is also located on the campus and is scheduled to open in  2014. The Cedar Valley TechWorks is owned and managed by the Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber and is located at
360 Westfield Ave., Waterloo, IA 50701.

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The Green @ TechWorks

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TechWorks Technology Center

Informing the Public and Educating the Industry
To ensure a continued source of industry-knowledge workers, and keep the public up to date on the benefits and uses of bio-based products, the Technology Center includes the following programs:

Research and Development
The Technology Center serves as a well-connected focal point for bio-based, public-sector research and development.

University/Community College Downtown Campus
The Technology Center is an ideal location for a downtown campus. Programs available at this campus are designed to meet the workforce training needs of employers, as well as providing business and technical support to the new and growing businesses located in the Manufacturing Cluster.

Bioeconomy Communication and Education Program
The Communication and Education Program is designed to market and educate the public on the uses and benefits of bio-based products.

University of Northern Iowa Metal Casting Center

Why Here?

With the most concentrated source of agricultural product – or biomass – anywhere, and one-fourth of the world's most productive land, Iowa is in the ideal position to lead the global bioeconomy.

With Waterloo, Iowa's central location, easy accessibility, excellent connectivity and rich agricultural manufacturing history, Cedar Valley TechWorks is positioned for success.

Workforce Connections

Strong Workforce Connections

With a history of hard work that leads the way in productivity, the Cedar Valley of Iowa already has a skilled manufacturing workforce in place. Locating Iowa's bioeconomy hub near the John Deere Advanced Manufacturing Facilities and the University of Northern Iowa makes this area a focal point for other bio companies, and high-tech and biotech manufacturing jobs.

Cedar Valley TechWorks News & Gallery


Demolition of the Cedar Valley TechWorks site is complete, clearing the way to begin the next phase – renovation of the Tech I Building. New construction lots are also now available on the campus.


More than 40 buildings were razed on the former John Deere Waterloo Works site, clearing more than 1.5 million square feet of space. 75% of the material created by demolition was reused or salvaged.

Cedar Valley TechWorks Partners


Our Partners
Thank you to these people and organizations for helping make Cedar Valley TechWorks possible:


Cedar Valley Legislative Delegation
Cedar Falls Utilities
City of Waterloo
Economic Development Administration
Greater Cedar Valley Alliance
Hawkeye Community College
Iowa Department of Economic Development
John Deere
Lockard Companies
MCG BioComposites
Mid-American Energy
University of Northern Iowa
Waterloo Development Corporation

Cedar Valley TechWorks History

The Cedar Valley TechWorks success story mirrors the growth of the very crops that fuel the biomass industry.

Planting a Seed
It all started with a seed - a single idea - to build a hub that firmly plants Waterloo, Iowa, in people's minds as a leader in the growing global bioeconomy.

Fertile Ground
A generous donation from John Deere provided the rich soil for the idea to grow.

In 2000, John Deere announced plans to move from its Westfield site to a new $125 million drive train advanced manufacturing center elsewhere in Waterloo. The vacancy freed approximately 2 million square feet of manufacturing space.

John Deere donated more than 40 acres, several buildings and substantial financial resources for a bio-industrial complex to the Waterloo Development Corporation.

Strong Roots
The Waterloo Development Corporation the Waterloo Development Corporation transferred ownership and responsibility to the Greater Cedar Valley Alliance, an organization that focuses on expanding and diversifying the economic base of the Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa, area. The Alliance established Cedar Valley TechWorks in 2006.

The Right Nutrients
A number of people and organizations continue to partner with Cedar Valley TechWorks, and the project has already secured a healthy infusion of more than $21 million dollars in funding.

The Harvest
All is in place. An idea. Fertile ground. Strong roots. And the right nutrients. Now all that's needed is you. Cedar Valley TechWorks continues to grow, and you can be part of its growth. For more information on business and investment opportunities, or to become a partner, click here.

Cedar Valley TechWorks Board of Directors

Chair - Tim Hurley, Retired- Deere & Co. and City of Waterloo

Treasurer - Barb Anderson, Courier Communications

Past Chair - Mark Kittrell, Eagle View Partners

Noel Anderson, City of Waterloo

Dave Deaver, 1st National Bank Cedar Falls

Jeff Hassman, Cedar Valley Partners

Ed McCann, John Deere Waterloo Works

Bob Peterson, Northland Products

Randy Pilkington, University of Northern Iowa

Don Temeyer

General Manager- Cary Darrah, Cedar Valley TechWorks

SME Accelerator & IAMC Operations Director  -  Wes James

President- Steve Dust, Cedar Valley Alliance

360 Westfield Ave
Waterloo, IA 50701

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