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Be part of something greater, the Cedar Valley of Iowa
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About Us

The Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber is a private, non-profit corporation representing and advocating for the interests of business, industry and institutions operating in the Cedar Valley. The Alliance & Chamber was created to coordinate the resources allocated to economic development in the Cedar Valley, and provide a platform for shared services wherever possible. Alliance & Chamber programming includes Business Growth and Recruitment, Workforce & Talent Recruitment and Development, Downtowns, Districts,  Tourism, and Chamber. This work is coordinated through more than ten organizations, and in partnership with many other organizations whose purpose is to encourage economic growth in the Cedar Valley of Iowa.

The Alliance & Chamber also focuses on competitiveness issues, such as the business climate – legislative and regulatory, infrastructure and services - and the image and perception of the Cedar Valley among influencers and businesses.

The strategic goals of the Alliance & Chamber are to:

  1. Develop and strengthen a technology and innovation based regional economy
  2. Act as a recognized catalyst and focal point of effect regional action on economic and community issues of importance to the Cedar Valley.
  3. Increase the effectiveness and impact of Alliance organizations.

Our Top Priorities

  1. Create a positive business climate that encourages profitable growth of business and major institutions.
  2. Encourage business growth through sustainable basic, technical and professional operations.
  3. Ensure economic base and climate. Support the expansion of strategically important businesses and institutions.
  4. Sustain and strengthen the retail and service sector.
  5. Develop, retain and attract talented people.
  6. Lead initiatives to establish a distinctive lifelong learning experience in the Cedar Valley, including the nation’s premier K-12 R&D facility, becoming a strong attraction to talented people and technology based employment.
  7. Enhance the quality of life by developing economic and community attributes that makes the Cedar Valley an inviting place to enjoy life, enhance a career, operate a business and retire.
  8. Strengthen collaboration among Alliance & Chamber organizations toward increased effectiveness through joint action and efficiency and through alignment of resources, merging entities if appropriate, to increase investor value, and provide leadership to local governments and other non profits.
  9. Articulate and implement a Cedar Valley vision for a competitive economic region.
  10. Strive for operational excellence in the Alliance in order to maintain a reliable, reputable platform for effective professional and volunteer action in the economy and region.

Community Development Priorities

The Chamber Council is a Task Force based method of achieving changes and outcomes that support a growing Cedar Valley economic base.

The programs and projects assigned to each area will change more often - perhaps as often as annually. Each helps us achieve the strategic priorities of the Alliance & Chamber.

  • Talent – working on the imperative to increase the knowledge of our residents; assist our educational systems to deliver economically productive citizens, and adopt and succeed with modern methods; help ensure a match in the knowledge and skills of the workforce to high value career paths; and ensure that Cedar Valley businesses have the tools to fully employ people who live in the Cedar Valley.
    • Leader Valley
      • Leader in Me
      • Virtual Reality in Schools
      • Intermediary Business Education
      • FIRST Robotics
      • Education Transformation
        • Academics
        • Experiential - High Tech High
        • Global Connections
        • IA Transformation
    • Diversity & Inclusion
      • Conversation
      • Resources
      • Connections
    • Cedar Valley Leadership Institute
    • Young Professionals Coalition
  • Competitiveness & Amenities – ensure that the Cedar Valley possesses the attributes to retain and attract growing businesses and talented people, whether physical, financial, attitudinal, or otherwise.
    • Cedar Valley Chamber Coalition
    • Transportation
      • Air Service
      • General Aviation
    • Broadband System
    • Coordinate with Cedar Valley Forum Planning
  • Retail & Service – pay attention to the choices available in the retail, entertainment, and service market place so that businesses and residents can obtain services and products of popular demand in sufficient quantity and of varying quality, via shopping experiences expected, to be an expanding center of tertiary economic activity (give people what they want, how they want it, here.)
    • HOME Campaign
    • Retail and Service Opportunities
    • Coordinate Retail and Service "One Market"
    • What do people want?
  • Networking & Talents – in a time when impersonal contact is the norm, create relevant, meaningful events for talented people to share ideas, experiences, be informed, and have fun in a social atmosphere.
    • New to Cedar Valley
    • Good Morning Cedar Valley
    • Power Networking
    • Strictly Business
    • Golf Classic
    • New Teacher Breakfast
    • Annual Celebration
    • Business Education Series
    • Member Briefing
    • Total Resource Campaign


The Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber is a regional economic and community development corporation working to increase wealth and economic vitality in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls metro and Cedar Valley region.

The Cedar Valley of Iowa can be approximated as the area within a 25-30 mile radius from the center of Waterloo and Cedar Falls. This is an area where routine economic interactions occur daily. It is the economic area in which people commute to work, business supplies and services are sourced, we shop and seek healthcare services. The edges of the area are irregular and change depending on the product or service.
Steven J. Dust, CEO, Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber

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