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Government Relations

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The main focus of Government Relations activity is
economic growth and business climate improvement.


The Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber is the One Voice for Cedar Valley business to work with local, state, and federal governments.  We establish a legislative agenda prior to the start of each Iowa legislative sessions.  The Cedar Valley Agenda contains specific actions that will improve the Cedar Valley business climate and quality of life, or address specific situations for business.  Throughout the year, the Alliance & Chamber tracks and brings to your attention issues that have an impact on your bottom line.

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   2015 Alliance & Chamber Legislative Policy Agenda

2014/2015 Session Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber priorities:

  1. Workforce Recruitment, Retention & Education
  2. Economic Development Program Support
  3. Improving Iowa’s Tax Climate
  4. Critical Physical Infrastructure Projects

View the full 2015 Cedar Valley Legislation Agenda here.

Follow legislative progress with the Bill Tracker.

Friday Forum

Monthly update with Legislators or on current issues during the session. All Friday Forums will be held in the Greater Cedar Valley Alliance & Chamber 1st Floor Conference Room from 7:30am - 9:00am. Location and program subject to change. Please RSVP and confirm event details on the Events Calendar.


Other Events

  • Gubernational & Congressional Candidate Forums.
  • Host Legislators at annual Cedar Valley Legislative Reception in Des Moines.
  • Host Legislators at annual Pre-Session Legislative Reception, a networking format to increase personal interaction with legislators in the Cedar Valley. (view event here)
  • Host Post-Session Legislative Forum Event
  • Friday Forum - Monthly update with Legislators during the session

See our calendar of events for next Legislative Event

Other Activities

  • Represents Business on Cedar Valley Coalition
  • Collaboration with groups with similar interests
  • 2011 Co-sponsored Iowa Education Summit.
  • 2012 issues: Commercial/industrial property tax equity; protection of TIF; increasing talent pool; economic development incentives.

The Iowa Prosperity Project

The Alliance & Chamber participates in the Iowa Prosperity Project, a non-partisan effort to protect and grow jobs in Iowa.

What is the Iowa Prosperity Project?

The Prosperity Project is built on the belief that when workers are informed and active in government and elections, our families, our communities and our state will benefit. The Prosperity Project provides employers non-partisan marterials that explain to employees and associates the importance of state and federal elections. Research shows employees welcome information from their employers about how public policy and elections affect their job security and their future. Employees responded more positively to political messages from their own employers than from any other source.

How does it work?

  1. Educates employees about important issues
  2. Informs them on where the candidates stand on those issues
  3. Involves them in communicating with policymakers about those issues
  4. Registers employees to vote or request an early ballot
  5. Mobilizes employees to get out of the vote!

National Success Stats

  • 107 million web page views
  • More than 1.2 million voter registration and 880,000 early voting request downloads
  • Delivered 1 million messages to elected officials  

Iowa Success Stats

  • Iowa had over 24,000 communications during 2010.
  • In 2010, the Iowa Prosperity Project received a national award for outstanding use of social media in non-partisan voter communication.




Fix the Debt

The Alliance & Chamber supports Fix the Debt, a non-partisan movement to put America on a better fiscal and economic path. The Campaign mobilizes key communities-including leaders from business, government, and policy-and people all across America who want to see elected officials step up to solve our nation's fiscal challenges.

Learn more here.

“Our Government Relations is committed to ensuring a favorable economic, legal and regulatory climate for the business community.  Our mission is broadly defined as supporting public policies that will facilitate economic growth and optimize the business climate facing our investors throughout the Cedar Valley.”

- Steve Firman, Director of Government Relations


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